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Business Meets Therapy

Being an entrepreneur can be a daunting and lonely journey. Whether you’re passionate about something and want to build an enterprise around it, making your space in the family business or re-imagining your work - we present an alternative to design businesses that align with who you truly are.

Healthy Enterprise Mentoring is a non-hierarchical process made possible by clear communication, openness and trust. This is a deep listening space, encouraging founders to think through those brewing ideas, feel-in to their emotions and tune-in to sense how their organization is evolving. 

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Meet Your Mentor
Varun Venugopal Gupta

Varun is trained in Art Based Therapy, and has been practicing applied theatre techniques to work with leaders to bring their 'whole self' to work. He has spent the past 10 years fine tuning a humanistic approach to building and designing business.

Pillars of Healthy Business Mentoring

Let's find out if this is for you. 

Book a 'Chemistry Session' - this is an opportunity for both of us to determine if we're a good match and on the same wavelength.

Get a free E-Guide to Building a Healthy Enterprise here. Treat this as an appetiser. 

We will send you a copy soon!

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