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Glocal CoLab is part of the Break Fellowship

Glocal Colab is delighted  to announce that we are now part of the prestigious Break Fellowship, an EU funded acceleration program designed exclusively for women entrepreneurs!Represented by Shweta, we've joined forces with over 350 women entrepreneurs in this cohort, and a larger network of 1000 women, all working together to empower new impactful businesses across the globe. As part of this fellowship, Shweta had an opportunity to embark on a month-long immersive experience with mentoring sessions and group projects in a picturesque rural area in the north of Spain.   


Glocal CoLab is committed to fostering collaborations, and driving positive change on a global scale.

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Glocal Colab Joins Living Cities Earth 

Glocal CoLab, represented by Shweta and Ranjani, has joined the co-founders' circle of Living Cities Earth (LCE).


This interdisciplinary action research network aims to connect 10,000 cities worldwide, fostering the well-being of both humanity and our planet. Living Cities Earth recognizes the profound interconnectivity between humans and the intricate web of life.

By joining forces with Living Cities Earth, Glocal CoLab reinforces its commitment to creating thriving communities that honor all forms of life. Living Cities Earth's mission resonates with the core values of Glocal CoLab, as they both recognize the importance of collaboration, innovation, and holistic well-being.


As we embark on this journey, Living Cities Earth and Glocal CoLab invite individuals, organizations, and visionaries from around the world to join this movement. Together, we can build resilient and thriving communities that honor our interconnectedness with nature and foster the well-being of all.

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Understanding the future through the past

At the heart of our project, Folktales from The Future (FFTF), lies the beautiful paradox of combining folktales and futures. Folktales have the power to connect us all and are knowledge streams that are available with our communities which speak about conservation practices, regenerative experiences and just in general about the ‘wise conduct of life’. They are familiar stories that transcend boundaries, allowing us to appropriate, adapt, and own them. 


Yet, when it comes to the future, we often feel disconnected and uncertain. We find ourselves struggling to engage, feeling powerless in the face of the unknown. But imagine if we could use the power and format of folktales to bridge this gap, to ignite our imagination and explore the possibilities of the future. That's exactly what FFTF aims to do!


In a diverse country like India, we believe that the voices of many communities remain unheard and unnoticed. These voices carry wisdom, insights, and alternative perspectives that can help us solve the issues around conservation and bring out the unheard voices. 


Our vision extends beyond conservation. We deeply believe in a world where everyone actively participates and benefits from building a sustainable and regenerative future together. By amplifying the voices of marginalized communities and embracing their knowledge systems, we can create a more inclusive and equitable world for all.

We have conducted in Bangalore, India and Zwolle, Netherlands till now.

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We launched our newly designed collaterals for the

DSF workshops

The design, systems, and futures thinking workshops are customized workshops for delving into the depths of organizational understanding. They are experiential, fun, and playful. 

1. Design thinking to build user-centricity

As organizations want to involve and engage more leaders- they want to open their decision-making across levels- this is the capacity building for it. It is also an engagement tool.

2. Systems thinking to understand interdependencies

As we start innovation, cross-functional teams need to be able to understand dependencies among one another. Any change is connected to various factors- financial, behavioral, political, and functional - we assist organizations to look at their aspirations and issues from a systems lens.

3. Speculative design to imagine future-ready strategies 

Navigating technology, building products and services, entering new markets, building resilience for the future, or reimagining how the organization will look into the future needs action from now.

This approach not only helps in relooking the present ways of working and their functions but also builds the capacity for creative problem-solving and imagining new futures. 

We recently conducted this workshop in Hyderabad. 

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Calling parent-child teams to drive the future: Let’s Question. Discuss. Write. Draw. Play.

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