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At Glocal CoLab, we believe that sustainability of environment, society and economy should be a foundational value for any business.

We support you as entrepreneurs and business leaders to integrate sustainability in a smart and profitable way into your business vision and strategy, We help you prepare your business, products and services to thrive and be resilient. 

We design and implement Impact solutions them envision new futures and build systems to execute with our partners.

We bring in strategies of futuring, systems thinking, SDG compliance, organizational design and  branding and marketing for sustainability 

Reach out to us if you are looking for: 

  • Building the capacity of your product team in design thinking for sustainability , SDG's or Systems thinking 

  • Building a sustainability strategy for your business

  • A sustainability assessment of products, programs or business

  • Harness collective intelligence to resolve complex problems

  • A stakeholder engagement strategy

  • Communicating effectively your awesome work in the field of sustainability

Recent Projects
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Education is a life long process. 

And more so in the increasingly complex world of wicked problems. 

We bring our years of experience working on sustainability transitions to help you and your organizations, communities and places build capacity for the transitions to a thriving future. 

Our trainings are action led and curated for the context. We also build capacity for continuous learning. 

With our short modules in Sustainability Essentials, Education for Sustainable Development, Sustainable Development Goals, Design thinking for Sustainability, Systems Thinking, Futures thinking, Nature based education and Resilience, you can keep up with the knowledge and skills needed to practice sustainability and contribute to achieving the SDG's

Reach out to us if you want to: 

  • Develop/integrate a sustainability curriculum for your school/college

  • Organize a sustainability training for employees in your organisation 

  • Co-create a tailor made program for capacity building on Localizing the Sustainable Development Goals 

  • Organize workshops for your members 

  • Work with us on action research for sustainable development 

Recent Projects
Education and Capacity Building



You are a part of many communities -  Ethnic, Geographic, Occupational, Interest based or Vision based.


Each community has its own knowledge system and collective agency. We believe all of us hold a piece of the puzzle when it comes to sustainability.


We work with you to explore what piece of the puzzle do you hold? What, as an individual or community, is your contribution to create a thriving planet and what can experts learn from you?


How can we bridge your personal, local experience and practice with saving the world or more accurately saving humanity? 

Together we work towards a regenerative future.

Recent Projects

Reach out to us if you are: 

  • A professional body looking to support your sector's transition and inspire members to leverage their expertise to achieve the SDG's 

  • A citizen group looking to enhance your sustainability capacity in your neighborhood/region and share your learning with global forums

  • A group of professionals curious about what your contextual knowledge could bring to sustainability practice and empower experts

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