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Can a new curriculum change education?

The year that was has made us all reflective practitioners. We have started questioning what we have been taking for granted. A collective criticality has taken root. The question is - are we as a collective asking the right questions?

So lets take education - Should we be asking - Is online education good or bad for kids? or What are 21st century skills?

or should we be asking what type of people do we want to nurture into future citizens?

Are we looking at the holistic picture of what shapes education, what worldviews drive the way education has developed?

Nora Bateson brings out the ecology of learning and education in answering the question - can a new curriculum change education?

"a new curriculum will not change education because education is a consequence of the economy, definitions of success, the job market, parents’ expectations, and all of these will continue to shape preparation for adulthood."

Are we ready to start asking the right questions?

The question of not ‘how do I get my child through 5th grade?’, but ‘how shall we learn together to survive in a changing world?’.

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